A DIY Wedding at Northbank Pavillion

We finally get to feature the wedding I’ve been talking about for weeks! I can say enough how much we love DIY weddings, and this one is a DIY lover’s dream!  Danica and Zach had so many handmade, unique elements throughout their day, that it really added a beautiful personalized touch.  I love all the different colored bridesmaid dresses and the unique bow ties, but my favorite part is something we actually have never seen done before…the personalized centerpieces.  Danica and Zach spent some time collecting old items that meant something to them, some from their past and some that were more current.  They don’t necessarily all go together in one cohesive color scheme or anything like that, but they all represent a piece of their personality & a special memory in their lives.  This is the kind of wedding I can honestly say we love the most…the kind that is a true reflection of the couple’s style and personality. Danica and Zach made their wedding their own, unique from all the others we’ve seen, and we loved it! 🙂

different colors for bridesmaid dresses

different colored bow ties for groomsmen

outdoor wedding party in columbus ohio

vintage diy bride and groom at northbank pavillion in columbus ohio

wedding ceremony at northbank park in columbus ohio

custom DIY centerpieces

reception at northbank park pavillion in columbus ohio

nighttime portraits at northbank park pavillion

wedding guests dancing at Northbank Park Pavillion in Columbus Ohio

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