Dear Shannon: “About those formals…”

Ok, let’s face it, nobody wakes up on a wedding day, be it their own or a friend/family member’s wedding, and says to themselves “I can’t wait for the formal pictures!”  What do I mean by “formals?”  You know, those pictures your parents and grandparents will print for their desk or coffee table?  The ones where the bride & groom stand in the middle, and we line everyone else up around them…everyone looks at the camera, and on the count of three, we all say cheeeeese!  It’s just not that part of the wedding day that people look forward to.  In fact, I think most would say that while they see it’s purpose, they kind of dread it and want to get it over with quickly.

At Mia Jade, we understand this.  We suggest simplifying things to the following list so it’s not so painful!

BG+ B parents + B siblings
BG+ B parents
BG+ G parents + G siblings
BG+ G parents
Full family

Beyond what’s on our suggested list, we ask each couple to consider if there is anyone not listed who is important to get a photo with.  Many of our couples will add a grouping with their grandparents.  As far as aunts, uncles, cousins, godparents, etc.,…we mean no offense to anyone, but our suggestion is that these people are included in the full family grouping only.

At the end of the day it is your decision if you want to break this list down and do separate groupings with each and every family member…we just warn that it can get very time consuming (we estimate 2 mins per grouping) and most find things more relaxing when this part of the day is kept minimal.

*Tip: Some of our clients plan time for getting a photo with each table of guests at the reception, which tends to be a much more enjoyable moment, and that way the couple is sure they have a photo of everyone present!